Lungs of the City

In the city centre of Eindhoven, the “Lungs of the City” project takes place until the end of March 2018. During this project, innovative air purfication systems will remove particulate matter and soot from the urban air and clean air is released into the city. This will substantially improve the city’s air quality.

Innovative Eindhoven

Healthy urbanization as an important theme in future urban development

Eindhoven is an innovative city in sustainability and environment. To improve the city’s attractiveness for living, working and recreation, sustainable measures are being developed for the quality of life and health of the inhabitants. In this, healthy air quality is one of the key objectives.

The location of Eindhoven with regards to air pollution is unfavourable due to incoming particulate matter from surrounding regions and countries, the surrounding intensive livestock farming and the highways that surround the city. In addition, the city centre contends with high traffic density and wind-free areas which are a result of high building density. Air pollution accumulates in these areas as there is no air movement. The Stadhuisplein, also known as City Hall Square, is one such wind-free area. Eindhoven therefore sees opportunities here to test the solution that can improve air quality at the city level.

Lungs of the City: a world premiere

Existing infrastructure functions as the air-purifying “lungs of the city”

During the Lungs of the City project, thirty air purification systems developed by ENS Urban are installed next to the exit of the underground car park on the City Hall square (Stadhuisplein). Via car park ventilation, particulate matter and soot is captured from the urban air and clean air is blown into the city. For the first time worldwide, there will be experiments with large-scale purification of urban air in the public areas of the city.

The Lungs of the City concept can be applied in a city’s infrastructure, including: parking garages, tunnels, train and bus stations and busy traffic intersections. Through this approach, the existing infrastructure functions as the “clean lungs” of the city.

Purpose of the project

Project “Lungs of the City” could bring large-scale air purification within reach

The aim of the project is, on the one hand, to compare the academic study published in October 2016 by the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) with practical measurements, and especially to provide a public demonstration of the potential of the concept. If the previous results are achieved in reality, Lungs of the City offers a new and proven solution for the large-scale elimination of air pollution in urban areas.

An extensive network of high-quality measuring equipment will measure the concentrations of fine dust and soot in a large area around the City Hall square during the project. In addition, weather data will be collected, including humidity, wind direction and speed, to map the air movement.